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Experience the outdoors and make great seasonal income. Help us supply some of the world’s best wild foods to Alaskans and beyond! Together we will create a permanent, accessible nutrition network with the help of Alaska’s great abundance.

Mission, Goal, Value

The Chaga Co-operative began in 2018 as a mission to explore the North and bring its incredibly important medicines to the public. After working for careless and greedy foragers, we decided to provide a decentralized distribution and processing network for individuals interested in foraging food medicines in a sustainable manner. We provide high paying jobs to those who are aligned with our passion and integrity, and exist purely to support the harvester, providing them with the means to process and sell their harvest. The harvester is entitled to the majority of the profit since they are doing the majority of the work. By continuing to help with processing and the maintenance of our shared facility, a harvester can earn up to 75% of the final product sale. Any remaining profit that the co-op earns goes directly to the maintenance of the distribution network such as licenses, insurance, facility rental, DEC permits, and last but not least, education.

Educating the public on edible species from the forest is of the utmost importance. While we build our network, we will be integrating natural medicine wisdom into Alaskan educational curriculums, along with music curriculums, brain biofeedback, and other health-oriented subjects that our members are building.

Alaska is highly abundant in foods and natural medicines of many kinds and our mission is to make them more available at fair rates and build a foraging collective spanning villages, towns, and eventually many countries. This will support students and young entrepreneurs like ourselves, to create the resources we need to build better communities. The Chaga Co-operative also wants to protect and promote awareness of Alaska’s incredible natural resources, which are threatened by a rapidly changing climate that we experience exponentially more in the North. We are beginning to organize our observations and conduct research with the help of many wonderful scientists in our network. Expect this site to grow along with our journey.

The Chaga Co-operative’s mission is to provide high-quality Chaga and other foraged goods to the public while providing the absolute best paying rates to those doing the harvesting. We work with companies, corporations, and villages to provide foods/natural medicines and economic opportunities to working families, students, and young entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to create a sustainable, statewide harvesting co-operative rooted in communal mastery of foraging wild goods. Every community deserves to have a co-op they can buy and sell harvested goods.

We value high paying jobs for our harvester and employees. We take pride in our equal pay for equal work model where we guarantee harvesters up to 75% of profits on each final product sale.

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Give us a phone call at (907) 347-4989.
Send us an email message through our Contact Form.